inSPAreleaf 200mg CBD – 2oz Liquid Aromatherapy


Perfect for bathtubs, but uniquely formulated safe for Spas, Hot tubs, & Whirlpool tubs. It will never foam, bubble, clog filters or change water chemistry!

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inSPAreleaf Liquids are made with 200 mg of CBD. We use the best organic full spectrum CBD. Our water-soluble CBD is Super-Nanotized, meaning it is 9x times more bio-available, providing you the maximum benefits per mg (MUCH stronger than the average CBD product). We also infuse each bottle with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, & Aloe Vera extract. Vitamins C and E are known to serve as antioxidants by rejuvenating the skin’s protective outer layer, protecting your skin against damage from the sun and free radicals. Full Spectrum Hemp derived CBD naturally contains vitamins A and D, which play an essential role in skin repair. Full Spectrum Hemp derived CBD also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which serve as great emollients to soften and smooth the hair and skin. Our unique CBD water soluble liquids will never leave a mess in your bathtub or Spa.

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California Dreaming, Lavender Haze


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